Induction sealing wads – Induction wads

pet bottle induction wads

Pet Jar Wads

Sealing wads for pet bottles

Pet jar Sealing wads are the wads that are specially used to seal Pet (Transparent) Bottles and jars, Pet bottles have low density so pet jar wads are specially made for sealing of transparent bottles.

induction sealing wads for HD


Sealing wads for HDPE bottles

HDPE wads are specially used for HDPE (High Density Polythene) Bottles, Generally HDPE Bottles have high density so wads used to seal HDPE are different in Alumunium Properties, so we use HDPE wads to seal HPDE bottles.

Glass jar wads for glass bottle

Glass Jar Wads

Sealing wads for glass bottles

Glass jar Wads are used to seal glass bottles, generally its difficult to seal glass jars so a foil process name drvo helps sealing of glass jar with wax, Alumunium and board called Glass Jar Wads

induction sealing wads

Lubricant Wads

Sealing Wads for Lubricant oil bottles

Lubricantv wads are used to seal oil engine bottles, edible oil bottles and petrolium products and all types of oil products specially lubricants and oils.

epe liners

EPE Wads

epe foam wads for cap

Epe wads are specially used in various pharma industries to prevent leakage of cap bottles, epe wads are used in all bottles that requires foam sealing process

vented wads

Vented Wads

Vented (filter sealing wads for all bottles)

Vented wads are used for bottles heat and leakage problems, vented wads are specially used if bottles starts overheating and giving leaking and to prevent heat filter wads contains gas hole that put all the heat out from bottles.

category in induction sealing wads

induction wads

Plain Induction wad

Plain Induction Sealing Wads are plain in Nature, containing Silver colour foil with proper Board Sealing.

Plain Induction wads are mostly demanded in every industry cause of its easy to use sealing.

printed induction wads

Printed Induction wad

printed induction sealing wads are for those who wants to showcase their brands on their products, it is customer friendly and helps in building the image of the brands and helps in promoting of their products

induction foil lids

Induction foil seal

it is normal technique where we seal the bottle without the use of induction wad, where only foils are used in sealing of bottles, without board.

Demanded Standard Sizes of Induction Sealing wads

All the Sizes are availiable from 20 MM – 120 MM as per order

How Induction Sealing Works with Quality Assurance

We Assure you the Highest Quality

We Manufacture Wads using High Quality materials to get the best outcome for our clients

  1. Highest Quality Imported Alumunium
  2. Board Layer provides strong sealing protection for food items.
  3. Wax ( Make Sure the wad seal )
  4. Poly gives extra Protection for strong support

Benefits of Induction wads

We got the tools

We are the leading manufacturer of induction sealing wads, we manufacturer wads to assure quality to get the best from us

Certified Experience

We have over 25+ Years of Experience, and we are leading in industry with intensive framework

Competitive Pricing

Cause of Market, we provide affordable prices for our clients to meet their bulk demand at easiest cost.


Our Products are fresh ready to manufc, they are pure in nature with the help of imported elements, we assure you the Best Quality

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With our experience Team, we Provide our products on time, There is no delay in manufacturing, Time is a fuel for us.

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Layers of Induction Sealing

induction sealing wads

Single Layer

Single Layer wads are one sided wads without board, single layer wads consists of Alumunium with poly paper helps you to seal jars and bottles.

induction sealing wads

two Layer

Two Layers are wads contains Alumunium with Board, helps you to seal jars and bottles with 2 Layer Protection

induction wads 3 layer

Three Layer

Three Layer are the wads with board and 2 Layer Alumunium, helping you to  seal and protect your food from leakages ( specially liquid foods which are higher in spoil nature)

4 layer wads

(5) Five Layer

5 Layer Wads are Higher in Thickness for Board and Aluminium Both helping you to seal jars like Lubricants, oils and many more.

7 layer induction sealing wads

Seven Layer

Seven Layer contains extra thick layer of alumunium with poly and board specially used in pharmaceiticals, chemicals and pesticides, it is very strong wads helping in leakages and provides extra layer support.

induction seal sticker

Sticker Layer

Sticker wads are specially used in solid items like candy, creams and jelly, toffy, powders, and all kinds of solid items.

We Assure you the Highest Quality of Wads

Induction sealing wads – induction wads are specially designed to seal bottles and jars, induction seal is a automatic process designed to help brands and individuals get their products secure

Induction sealing wads helps you to seal all jars and bottles, induction seal is a process where all the jars could easily sealed by induction sealing machine, where you have to put the machine on the top of cap of jar and seal with a medium termperature settings